A b o u t Me(Finally!)

» Information is not knowledge.Knowledge is not wisdom.Wisdom is not truth.Truth is not beauty.Beauty is not love.Love is not music.Music is THE BEST. « - Frank Zappa

I am a musician at heart. I have always been, though it took me some time to find out. I loved listening to music ever since I can remember. Michael Jackson was the hero, when I was 5. It changed to Green Day and Metallica when I was 11. Red Hot Chili Peppers were my life-line at 15, soon Jaco Pastorius and the force of Jazz followed and opened up the whole cosmos of musical experience from Bach to Stravinsky and Schoenberg, Zappa, Bowie, Coltrane, James Brown, Miles Davis, to the new masters like Chris Potter, Tigran Hamasyan, Kendrick Lamarr and Anderson.Paak. Music  is  the  best!

I picked up the saxophon at age 12, stuck with it until I was 16 and swapped it for my true musical love: the bass guitar. I've been playing ever since. After 4 years of private studies with Rolf Denecke in the city of Kassel, I had the chance of studying at the Los Angeles music academy. What can I say? California got to me. The plan of staying for a year, got scrambled and found itself right in the trash, and I found myself staying in LA for 6 years to pursue music. The daily grind let me to play and work with artists like Joe Porcaro, Brad Rabuchin, Gary Ferguson, Bill Fowler.

I discovered unheard music en masse thanks to a bunch of wonderful friends. Hours and hours on end spend listening to what is the best!
I had the privilege to work together with the great bass player Philip Bynoe, who was my teacher and a collegue.
2012, after 6 years of a fantastic journey, I found myself back in Germany and decided upon settling in Cologne. I enjoy the city and its vibrant music scene a lot. Again, I find myself surrounded by wonderful people and artists. I had the opportunity to play with great musicians, too many to mention. But I am grateful for every single person I got to play with.
Check out the "music" section of this website and you can see some of my work!
I also started playing and teaching guitar 3 years ago. What started as a means to make a living, has become another passion.
Here it is so far. Every year brings something new. New challenges, new possibilities.. looking forward to all of it!