This a Postmodern-Pop Band with my wife, Oana Moczulski, for which I write, produce and play Bass. In the veins of Musicians like Kate Bush, David Bowie or The Talking Heads we try to play Pop as we understand it, relevant to cultural, sociological and political context, free of boundaries and embracing contradictions.









My first ever composition for a dance film. Conceptualised and realised by my Wife Oana.

Grand Squid

Jazz/Rock/World Gumbo



The Grand Squid is Rock. Is Jazz. Is Raga. Is World Music, but it really defies a clear definition.


The various tentacles reach in every corner of the musical world and gather different influences from which they form a symphony of our post-modernistic world. Music is not about definition, but about experience. Music is the best and the four brains of this squid bring all their experience to show that music is,    categorisations aside: Love, communication and sharing.